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We have a state-of-the-art machine fleet, which is a prerequisite for the production of high-precision parts



Electro-chemical oxidation process where the surface of aluminium is covered by solid, abrasion resistant, non-corrosive and at the same time colourfast and aesthetic layer


Custom Measurements by Order

An essential point of our precision part production activity is measuring the products


Repair and Renovation of Machinery & Machine Units

We undertake mechanical repair, refurbishment and replacement of faulty units


Török Machinery Ltd.Milestones

Our company was originally based in Győrújbarát, which has been expanding the industrial culture of our region for more than 40 years, since 1978. Through our continuous development, we have grown from a one-person small business to a  state-of-the-art provider that meets the highest quality standards set by multinational companies, while maintaining the family business character. With a solid presence today, we have a number of international market opportunities in industries such as the engineering industry and in the particularly challenging aluminum surface treatment services, which we perform at the highest known level.

Right from the beginning, we strive to serve our partners in a correct and flexible way by supplying them with the highest quality products and services. For this we do not only have up-to-date CNC machining equipment, but also highly qualified specialists.

Quality assurance

Certop ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Our company devotedly operates according to a quality centered attitude, in terms of these, we instituted an integrated quality management and environmental centered management system. We are functioning in accordance with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standards.

An important part of the system is the Production Support System (ERP), which was also lead in 2006. It is individually tailored to our Company, serves not just administrative and production follow-up tasks, but also quality assurance issues. Thanks to the ERP our administrative and production management tasks have significantly accelerated.

We carry out the quality control of our products on calibrated measuring machines and instruments in our air-conditioned measuring room.

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Production is still undisturbed in our plants -An interview with the CEO in the local daily “Kisalföld”

Production is still undisturbed in our plants -An interview with the CEO in the local daily “Kisalföld”

13. May 2020, Wednesday

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted a survey on the economic effects of the pandemic. More than three thousand domestic companies have filled in the questionnaire. There is hardly any company that is not already disturbed in its operation now.
Kisalföld, the leading daily in the region asked us how the present situation is affecting us ...

"Colors, techniques" painting exhibition

"Colors, techniques" painting exhibition

13. May 2020, Wednesday

An exhibition entitled "Colors, Techniques" with paintings by one of our owners’ Henrietta Enikő Török, was opened in the upstairs gallery of the Timaffy László House of Culture and Library in Győrújbarát, on February 14, 2020.

József Török was awarded by the Handicraft Department

József Török was awarded by the Handicraft Department

13. May 2020, Wednesday

The founder and owner of Török Gépipari Kft., Sr. József Török, received a prestigious recognition!


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Prof. Dr. István Lakatos

Chairman, GYMSKIK Handicraft Department, Deputy Dean, Head of Department, Széchenyi István Univ.

The roots of Török Gépipari Kft. go back to having been a sole trader when it all started. The owners of the company still manage and run the Ltd. as a real, genuine family business. I also consider the resulting flexibility to be the main advantage of a company that has “grown up” and expanded its profile in the meantime. The main trademark of the company is still the founder and his family. One of the real values in today’s world becoming more and more impersonal. You are rue local patriots and the custodians of the noble traditions of the “iron profession” and not to forget you are running an innovative company at the same time. I strongly recommend cooperating with them.

Mariann Auerbach Czuriné – strategic purchaser

Balluff-Elektronika Ltd.

I got to know Török Gépipari Kft. as a company based on serious family traditions and with strong professional humbleness.I have been paying great tribute to the emerging Hungarian businesses so far where the parents took on all the sacrifices and raised the possibility of succession from their children. Humanity, business purity, respect and love for the profession radiate through all forms of communication, I can only thank you! Looking forward to the future, I wish you further business success, gradual development, stamina and good health!

Béla Bencsik - managing director

Terv-Ben Ltd.

We have been working together with Török Gépipari Kft. since the establishment of our company in 2008. The attitude and helpfulness of both the owners and the employees greatly contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. They constantly nurture, preserve the values of the past and save them for the future! We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with you!

Tamás Mikóczi – co-chairman

GY-M-S county Chamber of Industry and Commerce

My heartfelt congratulations on your achievements, both in winning the Chamber Trademark and the Prestige Award. I wish you strength, health and good luck for your further work!

Sándor Müller – managing director

Konkoord Ltd.

On behalf of the management of Konkoord Ltd., we sincerely congratulate you on the Prestige Award you received in 2015. We have been seeing your continuous progress for a long time, perhaps a little from the inside through Plato. We think the recognition is in a really good place this year. It also feels good to read being a CEO that our partner Török Gépipari Kft. received this award. We might have contributed to it a tiny bit, too.

Szabolcs Horváth – president

Professio cluster

Congratulations on the development! You are worthy representatives of the metal professions, the whole industrial community can be proud to welcome you into its ranks! The future of Hungarian industry is rooted in its past, crowned by the new generation, which carries on the traditions! All this can be found in your family!

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